enelin / enemy lines - computer game series
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when we want to write a quick game, try something new, experimentation ...
so emphasis is put on getting experience with technics and themes, a fast release cycle and playable games.
features, polish and getting everything right are not considered all that important. but i do plan to further polish older parts where considered worthwhile (probably el7 next).

enelin twelve
word puzzle game for www
screenshot small
enelin eleven
arcade/action for android
screenshot small
enelin seven
first person shooter against planes
screenshot small
enelin ten
abstract topdown shooter - enemies are created from segments that define their behaviour.
screenshot small
enelin three
semi-abstract first person 3d-shooter
screenshot small
enelin six
3d navigation with reduced visual information.
screenshot small
enelin five
2d spaceship dogfight
screenshot small
enelin eight
Scifi 3d-shooter. Blast your way through walls and enemies with your shuttle
screenshot small

by raphael weber ( pi_raph a t yahoo com ) et al. - : http://proj.phk.at/el/ - impressum :)