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31. 01. 2011
new game is out now. enelin11
05. 10. 2009
time for an update.
still working on new el7 directions
also worked on some new stuff for Kamyran's Eye 2 ... which btw. is now gratis
and there is now an android version of Kamyran's Eye 1.
16. 05. 2009
so i'm getting married tomorrow and I'm taking on her name: 'Weber'.
just to clear any confusion that might arise from the change.
09. 05. 2009
two screenshots from the editor.
i only just fixed a bug that made the buildings pink.
had that in there for weeks but as long as the player isn't affected by something ... 1 2
07. 05. 2009
version 0.8 of el7 is now online. have fun
the direction from here:
more open world rpgish gameplay.
there's also a branch with physics-lib integration that shows some promise.
05. 05. 2009
so at last i found the time to get the current el7 branch to a somewhat releaseable state. should be out soon. only got one seemingly laptop integrated graphics related crash to fix.
13. 12. 2008
some wip screens of a new el7 version 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
02. 06. 2008
moved this news thingy to new software and added an rss feed. to be considered beta.
02. 06. 2008
missing the days of quick enelin releases ... so i wrote enelin10:
abstract top-down shooter with enemies randomly constructed from segments that define their behaviour. find it here
el9 will take some more time so i skipped that number for now.
25. 08. 2007
Sure took it's time from finished game to the real release with packaging and paperwork but at last Kamyran's Eye 2 has been released. I've put quite a bit of work into that one so check it out.
27. 06. 2007
signed up to greatgamesexperiment. gotta add the enelins there.
and one of those games i've been helping out with might actually see the light one of these days.
Great Games Experiment
31. 10. 2006
stumbled over this really old (unfinished) game i started. tcl/tk 2d topdown shooter. probably not of interests to anyone ... but that's what the internet is all about, isn't it.
12. 09. 2006
as you can see i've toyed around with terrain a bit ... we'll see what comes of that. have been contributing a bit to other people's projects as well though lately so dunno when i'll have something releasable.
26. 07. 2006
Crosscompiled enelin8 for Linux ppc. Wasn't all that difficult. Freeing the 1.3G harddisk space crosstools needed was the biggest obstacle.
Didn't link it myself however.
20. 07. 2006
enelin 8 v0.3 released. playable prototype
feedback appreciated
20. 07. 2006
Don't really like the name 'enemy lines' anymore ... the only reason i kept using it was lazyness. So I decided to slowly change to the more abstract and shorter 'enelin'. Hope that doesn't confuse too much.
19. 07. 2006
this one is nearing it's first playable prototype stage. good enough for a first release. hope i get around to doing the cleaning up etc. one of these days.
as usual: no promises
1 2
04. 07. 2006
some screenshots of an unreleased el5 update. done while evaluating various 3d/game engines. uses irrlicht
1 2
29. 06. 2006
as a start, some pictures from a game experiment that might still, might not become an el release:
1 2
29. 06. 2006
added this to have a place for general and offtopic stuff
might help me keep track of releases as well

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